Leadership from the inside out
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Engaging and inspiring others to own and support the changes required to sustain success

360° leadership is about engaging the hearts and minds of others (in any hierarchical direction) to support the actions and behaviours needed to deliver the desired purpose and vision.

By influencing others to see and own a deeper meaning for themselves it becomes possible to liberate their potential and energy. This is boosted by being a good role model for self leadership – encouraging others to be their best in a way that is rooted in their own sense of authentic purpose, meaning and passion.

To sustain this energy and commitment from others it is helpful for us as leaders to adopt an appreciative and constructive approach. This energises people. Here, we encourage others to reflect on what is working well and how to achieve more of their vision rather than becoming over-occupied with what isn’t working. A balanced focus on the positive helps people to create what is most important to everyone and avoids unintentionally depleting the energy needed for top performance. 


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