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The Field of Leadership

Creating and Preserving a Thriving Team Culture

Leaders and teams often use much of their energy grappling with a wider organisational culture that can unwittingly limit performance and minimise resources.

This new programme from Dancehammer provides a profound underpinning of what is needed for leaders to develop a more vital environment or ‘field’ that nurtures both individual and team performance. Leaders will begin to catalyse positive change by creating a vibrant ‘oasis culture’ of constructive leadership, despite unhelpful influences that often prevail within the wider organisation.

As a leader you will learn how to create a more energised team culture and develop your field of coherence – the ‘energy state’ we all emit that influences the nature and orientation of other people’s energy. You will learn how you and the culture of the wider organisation may be influencing your team’s effectiveness and will envision how your team would ideally be when operating at its best.

The gap between the current and ideal will provide a focus for your own development journey. The experiences, processes and toolkits provided will help you to facilitate a shift in how you and your team think and operate. We do this by developing your leadership capacity and how you hold the kind of field that is supportive of an energising and creative working environment for your people.

In this way you can raise the contribution and level of productivity of your team whilst influencing that of the organisation as a whole.

Benefits of the programme

• Overcome constraints that the prevailing culture may be having on your team
• Hold a team space of positive energy and alignment
• Learn to evoke the behavioural patterns that foster greater effectiveness
• Develop teams that are positive role models for a higher performing culture
• Build an authentic and appreciative-based approach to leading your team
• Feel more confident about how to build team performance
• Build a supportive network with which to share experiences and learning
• Receive one to one coaching sessions to help you integrate your learning

How is the programme structured?

The Field of Leadership consists of 4 one-day modules with inter-module practice and coaching sessions to help you integrate your learning. Each module offers practical diagnosis and tools for growing your awareness and potency as a leader who can create positively energised team environments.

Next programme - book early as places are strictly limited

• 29 April Module 1 – Diagnosing Leadership Impact
• 27 May Module 2 – Energising Your Leadership Field
• 24 June Module 3 – Catalysing New Patterns
• 18 August (TBC) Module 4 – Sustaining Leadership Momentum

Timing: 09.30 - 17.30 each day. (Coaching to be arranged individually.)

Workshops at Rapha Centre, Braco, Perthshire FK15 9LL.

Price: £2,750 + vat inclusive of all coaching, refreshments and lunch

How do I book or get more information?
To book or have your questions answered contact John Dickson at john@dancehammer.co.uk or call 01259 731500

Contact us now if you would like to reserve a place on a future programme.

What is the focus and benefit of each module?

Module 1: Diagnosing Leadership Impact
Module 2: Energising Your Leadership Field
Module 3: Catalysing New Patterns
Module 4: Sustaining Momentum

Module 1 – Diagnosing Leadership Impact
In this opening module you will explore the culture of your organisation and the extent to which it is supportive of the purpose and effectiveness of your team. Participants will acquire various diagnostic insights from which to scope the desired development for themselves and their team. We will explore the gap between the current culture and a realistic ideal that would evoke higher levels of thinking and relating among your people. You will begin to uncover how your thoughts and emotions can collude with or influence specific cultural patterns and what is needed for you to create a more life-giving field around your team.

• Recognise influence between the culture of ‘you’ and your team/company
• Build greater effectiveness by relating as your S elf and your Role
• Learn to influence how others contribute to a vital and productive corporate environment with their own ‘fields’ and ways of thinking
• Build the platform for up-tuning your leadership field
• S cope a personal journey using culture as the setting for your development

Module 2: Energising Your Leadership Field
This module explores in depth ways to access and maintain our personal
power. We will be learning and using powerful self-leadership tools to deepen
our own understanding and experience of how to be in ‘Command’ of our own
energy, particularly our emotions. When we have more personal authority over
our patterned reactions, we can begin to open our behavioural responses to
much greater and more constructive choice.

• Develop a strong inner core of sincerity and calmness
• Stay centred and balanced particularly when under ‘attack’ from others
• Access 5 powerful qualities that help you to be in ‘Command’ of your thoughts, emotions and actions
• Understand how we get emotionally ‘hi-jacked’ and how to interrupt negative reactions
• Understand the thought

Module 3: Catalysing New Patterns
At all levels, successful relationships are a critical part of our success as
leaders. This day is focused on the support and challenge that relationships
bring and in particular the ones that get in the way. How can we engage our
courage and wisdom to shift the dynamics of a relationship that is troubling
us or challenging our progress? This module builds on the previous module’s
experiential learning about personal power and applies that to specific tools
for having conversations that make the difference.

• Speak openly and honestly with confidence and clarity
• Constructively challenge people with unhelpful attitudes and behaviours
• Transform difficult relationships that matter
• Understand the elements that support or hinder the effectiveness of your communication
• Move through other people’s resistance to change

Module 4: Sustaining Momentum
In order to achieve lasting success of any change, we need to understand and
prepare for the resistance that may occur, either internally or externally. This
final day will look at the emerging needs of the group in relation to sustaining
and supporting progress and continued development. How do we handle the
times when we steer off track and what kind of support do we need to create
in order to stay on course with living our vision of leadership successfully? How
do we continue to take care of ourselves and maintain balance in our lives?

• Address any gaps to your learning and progress that need extra support
• Anchor a strong identity that will support your continued success
• Explore how to overcome resistance to change and potential blocks to continued success
• Create a sponsored, life-balanced action plan including ways to stay connected with your inner resources
• Create a support network of women for your continued growth and development

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