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Open Programmes for 2011

small heartLiving Leadership (Women only)

This personal leadership programme is open to women from all organisations and consists of four one-day workshops with intermediary one to one coaching. The programme will help you to rediscover and engage your personal power as a woman and to develop the inner tools needed for bringing grounded, clear and inspirational leadership to your organisation. Click here for more information on Living Leadership or download PDF.

To make a booking contact or for inquiries contact or call 01259 731525

small heartThe Wisdom Council

Tap into your authentic power as a feminine leader. Join us for this evolutionary midsummer's day gathering our collective wisdom and discovering our purpose and potential as women at the heart of leadership.

What does it mean to stand for and lead by the values that are most important to us as women?

What is needed for us to step fully into our authentic power and bring our greatest contributions to life?

What transformation is possible when we support one another in a collective field of self-care, courage and Evolutionary Leadership?

Click here for more information on The Wisdom Council on 23rd June.

To make a booking contact or for inquiries contact or call 01259 731525

The Field of Leadership

This open programme is for senior leaders who want to develop their leadership to create vital and productive teams. It explores the link between your energy, culture and effectiveness with the view to holding a positive field in which your team can be more of its best despite unhelpful influences from the corporate culture. Click here for more information on The Field of Leadership or download PDF.

To make a booking contact or for inquiries contact or call 01259 731500

The Leadership Quest 

Launching later this year, this open programme will be a unique and powerful journey of leadership discovery, running over approximately 9 months.  It will provide a spacious, reflective ‘container’ in which to explore and reveal your essential nature, purpose and power as an Evolutionary Leader, helping you to tap into a deeper awareness of and capacity to offer your unique contribution. You’ll engage in an experiential questing process to discover the life-enhancing energies that support you in walking authentically in the world as a creative catalyst of positive change.

More information to follow. To register your interest, please contact Joey Walters at or call
01259 731525

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