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Living Leadership

The Leadership and Life Balance Programme for Women

Great leadership at work does not happen in isolation from life as a whole. Being a successful leader in your life, means recognising who you are and how you lead yourself in all aspects of your life, not just your work roles. It means bringing your whole self to your work, so that you can be fully in your integrity as a person and draw on all your personal resources for success.

Living Leadership is a new Personal Leadership programme which will help you to re-discover the inner leader in you. It will help you to increase your personal power as a woman in all areas of your life, especially your work. It is deliberately grounded in a framework for personal growth rather than delivering another corporate skill-set for doing the work of a good leader. The reason for this is simple and important. There are no toolkits that will make you a good leader if you have not discovered and engaged the natural leader in you first. This is why self-leadership is so critical to exceptional leadership of others because your integrity, clarity and confidence in yourself and what you stand for will be the key attraction for others to listen to you and put their trust in you.

How will I benefit from attending?

• Bring greater clarity of purpose and vision to your leadership as a whole
• Strengthen your inner confidence as a leader, regardless of your role
• Create more choice and influence over the thoughts and feelings that effect your success
• Develop the personal robustness and skill to deal with challenging relationships
• Create more balance in your life and deal more effectively with stress
• Build a supportive network of women to share experiences and learning with
• Receive one to one coaching to support the integration of your learning

How is the programme structured?

Living Leadership consists of four successive one-day modules spread over four months with intermediary coaching support sessions to help you to integrate your learning. During each programme you will engage in meaningful and practical tools to grow your leadership potency applying them to those areas of your work and life where change is needed. You'll develop a vision of what Living Leadership means to you and receive support from the modules and personal coaching sessions to bring it to life.

Next programme - book early as places are strictly limited

• 20 April 2011 Module 1 - Leading on Purpose
• 19 May 2011 Module 2 - Being in Self-Command
• 23 June 2011 Module 3 - Transforming Relationships
• 18 August 2011 Module 4 - Sustaining Success

Timing: 09.30 - 17.30 each day. (Coaching to be arranged individually.)

Workshops at Rapha Centre, Braco, Perthshire FK15 9LL.
Coaching at Springwood House, Kincardine on Forth, Fife FK10 4AY

Price: £1950 + vat inclusive of all coaching, beverages and lunch

How do I book or get more information?
To book or have your questions answered contact Joey Walters at or call 01259 731525

Contact us now if you would like to reserve a place on a future programme.

What is the focus and benefit of each module?

Module 1: Leading on Purpose
Module 2: Being in Self-Command
Module 3: Transforming Relationships
Module 4: Sustaining Success

Module 1: Leading on Purpose
This day explores our roles as women and the limitations that can be attached
to our self-perception. We will develop ways to build a strong and confident
‘self-identity’ and explore the core sense of purpose that drives our motivation
to act. Stepping beyond your role identities you will have time to explore the
vision that you hold for your personal leadership and begin to identify and
understand the critical voices that may hold you back.

• Strengthen your sense of identity and purpose as a leader
• Create your personal vision for successful leadership in your life as a whole
• Recognise and begin to transform the ‘inner voices’ that may hold you back
• Engage the inner resources that will enable your success
• Approach your leadership role at work with new clarity and motivation

Module 2: Being in Self-Command
This module explores in depth ways to access and maintain our personal
power. We will be learning and using powerful self-leadership tools to deepen
our own understanding and experience of how to be in ‘Command’ of our own
energy, particularly our emotions. When we have more personal authority over
our patterned reactions, we can begin to open our behavioural responses to
much greater and more constructive choice.

• Develop a strong inner core of sincerity and calmness
• Stay centred and balanced particularly when under ‘attack’ from others
• Access 5 powerful qualities that help you to be in ‘Command’ of your thoughts, emotions and actions
• Understand how we get emotionally ‘hi-jacked’ and how to interrupt negative reactions
• Understand the thought

Module 3: Transforming Relationships
At all levels, successful relationships are a critical part of our success as
leaders. This day is focused on the support and challenge that relationships
bring and in particular the ones that get in the way. How can we engage our
courage and wisdom to shift the dynamics of a relationship that is troubling
us or challenging our progress? This module builds on the previous module’s
experiential learning about personal power and applies that to specific tools
for having conversations that make the difference.

• Speak openly and honestly with confidence and clarity
• Constructively challenge people with unhelpful attitudes and behaviours
• Transform difficult relationships that matter
• Understand the elements that support or hinder the effectiveness of your communication
• Move through other people’s resistance to change

Module 4: Sustaining Success
In order to achieve lasting success of any change, we need to understand and
prepare for the resistance that may occur, either internally or externally. This
final day will look at the emerging needs of the group in relation to sustaining
and supporting progress and continued development. How do we handle the
times when we steer off track and what kind of support do we need to create
in order to stay on course with living our vision of leadership successfully? How
do we continue to take care of ourselves and maintain balance in our lives?

• Address any gaps to your learning and progress that need extra support
• Anchor a strong identity that will support your continued success
• Explore how to overcome resistance to change and potential blocks to continued success
• Create a sponsored, life-balanced action plan including ways to stay connected with your inner resources
• Create a support network of women for your continued growth
and development

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