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We approach our clients' needs by looking holistically at the relationship between leadership and culture, neither of which can exist without influence on the other.

In order to bring about a real transformation in the hearts and minds of people, leadership must begin from within each individual. Crucially therefore, our tailored programmes are underpinned with essential aspects of training in self-leadership. This unique input provides the basis for personal transformation.

By fostering leadership in this way, Dancehammer helps to bridge the cultural gap between what employees are currently experiencing and what they ideally want in order to feel more fulfilled, aligned and productive in their work roles. By measuring and comparing the people’s views on the gap between the current and ideal culture, we can identify specific levers that will drive transformation. We then help your people to acquire the leadership mindsets required to foster the new patterns of thought and behaviour within the company.

Our programmes utilise both individual and team approaches depending on the situational needs of the groups we are working with. We use a blend of leading management science together with the emotional intelligence and the spiritual wisdom innate to us all. This involves more than intellectual models, frameworks and exercises for improving leadership. Our success is based on applying experiential learning to present situations. Intermediary coaching will often provide a powerful support structure for individuals to integrate their learning and to apply it 'on the ground'.

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