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Re-aligning organisational energy

The thoughts and emotions of individuals are the building blocks of organisational energy. By applying our tools and processes for individual and group development we facilitate the building and channelling of positive energy. This sometimes involves facilitating a reconnection with what is important to people or exploring a deeper meaning behind the company’s reason for existing. Often this gives people an identity and a new story that is more inspiring of greatness.  Once hearts and minds are focused on why I/we are here it becomes easier to apply the organisation’s energy to best effect.

Measuring culture 

At Dancehammer we use the suite of diagnostic instruments developed by Human Synergistics Inc to understand how a culture operates and to predict its level of effectiveness. These tools provide us with a quantifiable way of measuring patterns of thought and behaviour at all levels and functions, quickly and easily via on-line questionnaires. We then use this data to help you understand specifically what you can do to develop a culture that is more enabling of high performance – be it at the level of leader, team, function or company-wide.

Enabling high performing cultures

Once the client is clear about their cultural goal, we can deliver a range of specifically designed events to foster the desired shift in the way people think, relate and operate together.  We work with the points of greatest organisational impact using tools and processes that develop awareness, higher choice and the personal power needed to create a new story. This often translates into specifically tailored programmes that develop the needed qualities of advanced leadership, team working and robust connections between key functions and groups. We encourage, and where possible, train your people to support these programmes to embed new skills and mindsets within the organisation.


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