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Our approach is based on the belief that people are the life-blood of organisations.

It is people who create the climate or 'feel' of the organisation that others experience. It is people that can make those experiences positive for everyone else be they employees, customers, citizens or patients.

Dancehammer exists to build highly constructive cultures where people are encouraged and supported to be their best. This enables organisations to perform at their best. It requires that leadership at every level is relational, positive and authentic. We call it '360° leadership' because it operates in anyone, in all directions – even upwards.

These leaders are people with a positive confidence in their ability to create more of what they want in their work and life. They apply the principles of self-leadership which help them to think, feel and act in positive ways regardless of the challenge.

Operating with this mindset they are able to stay connected to a purpose that inspires them and those around them. They see and understand people and situations more deeply in ways that help them to make life and work an enriching experience. With this they create leadership journeys of community, learning, and achievement.

As more people think and operate in this expanded, self-aware manner, the cultural patterns of the organisation evolve. These patterns become a resource or energy that underpins individual and collective success. It is a virtuous cycle where an increase in self-leadership ultimately drives culture to even higher levels of achievement. This further nurtures the personal leadership on which all performance ultimately rests.

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