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Building high performing teams

Much of our work involves assisting teams to break through the glass ceiling to the next level of performance. We do this via events that support individuals in being more authentic and connected with each other, resulting in more of the behavioural patterns associated with high performance. Teams then tend to become more energised, creative and less resistant to new ways of thinking about situations. A critical element is helping team members to support each other emotionally as people rather than just relate to each other as resources for task completion.

Resolving team conflict

Groups can often find themselves stuck and entrenched in conflict. It can be difficult to become unstuck when negative feelings and perspectives get in the way of nurturing positive and energising relationships. Here, we use tools and processes that demonstrate how we all collude to create the current 'reality' and which create 'space' for everyone to acknowledge how their perceptions are limiting the freedom to be and operate in more positive ways together. In this way voices can be heard, differing perceptions understood and relationships reformed as choices are made to co-create a new reality that better serves all parties.

Bonding new teams

We speed up the time normally required for new teams to settle and reach a level of high performance via events that deepen relationships, identify a unifying purpose and vision, and establish agreements for working optimally as a team. Greater and earlier returns are therefore achieved by the organisation. This becomes all the more important for multi-functional and matrix team environments.

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