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To read about the Glasgow Herald's society article on Dancehammer's contribution to leadership and women's development, click here.

And here are some comments from previous course participants…

Dancehammer’s Living Leadership programme is transformational! Bring along whole self and your boldest aspiration – the rest will happen.
Senior Civil Servant

I came on this programme feeling frantic, over-burdened and not achieving what I wanted and needed to achieve. At the end of the formal programme, I felt calm, confident and in touch with 'me'. My learning continues through re-visiting the course material, through reflection and through sharing with others. The programme, the materials, the leadership and the group members all contributed to a powerful learning experience. I am more effective and enjoying work. This programme has been a worth-while investment and I commend it to others.
NHS Director

'Living Leadership' gets under your skin to help you find out who you are; what motivates you; what you really want and what holds you back from achieving it. It then gives you the tools and the confidence to use those insights in order to become the leader you really want to be. The combination of group sessions and individual coaching makes for a very effective learning environment. This is the kind of course where you really do get out of it what you are prepared to put in, but if you are willing to make the commitment then the return is a considerable one.
Senior Civil Servant, Scottish Government

The Living Leadership programme ultimately taught me that leadership comes from within. External things happen which I often can't control, but I have the power to choose how I respond. Other people can't make me do or feel anything – I have command over my feelings and responses. This has been incredibly empowering and has transformed my life both at work and at home. I am now a more confident, calm, happy and effective leader.
Detective Chief Superintendent, Tayside Police

I found the programme fantastic. It fulfilled all my needs, including many I didn’t realise I had. The course offered expert support and coaching in a safe environment. I felt I was amongst friends. It has made a huge difference to me, both at work and personally and I hope to see benefits for years to come. I felt disappointed when it ended – I would have been happy to attend indefinitely! I would certainly recommend it to anyone.
Senior NHS Consultant

It’s the first course I've attended where I've learned so much about me as an individual and how my interactions affect my own as well as other people’s lives.
Manager, Scottish Enterprise

As a result of the programme I took steps to re-consider how I perceive certain potentially difficult encounters in the workplace. I try to enter these situations without prejudice and adopt much more supportive behaviours. I have come to realise the power of the choices I make in how I behave and perceive situations and can see how, used positively, this can transform relationships for the better. The result has been a series of 'win-wins'. I am beginning to experience less anxiety and enter situations with a belief in a positive outcome. The result more often than not has reaped positive benefits for my organisation and me.
Associate Director, NHS

I found this programme very valuable. Other leadership courses I had previously been on have been about assuming characteristics in the workplace that are not necessarily mine, and have, therefore, had little impact. However, being on the Living Leadership course enabled me to focus on who I am as a leader in all aspects of my life and to build on my personal qualities and strengths. Being on this programme has given me much more clarity and balance.
Policy Adviser, Scottish Government

The programme was extremely beneficial for women in leadership. The content exceeded personal expectations and provided a sound basis and greater understanding of leadership tools that support training and personal development for all regardless of work backgrounds. The personal impact was immense and changed my outlook significantly. It is extremely difficult to put into words all the feelings and emotions which were experienced during the modules and coaching sessions, but I would certainly encourage others to take the opportunity to participate in this programme.
Business Manager






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