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Dancehammer was founded in 2003 with a passion to facilitate genuine, sustainable fulfilment for our clients and by our belief in the individual's ability to grow and evolve beyond any perceived limitations. We have cultivated our approach to human development, from our own personal experience, training and commitment to our own development and integrity. As a niche consultancy, we enjoy the freedom and flexibility of partnering with other highly-aware and well trained specialists as required by the projects that we support. 

Our expertise in 'self-leadership' enables us to explore with our clients' issues of energy, spirit and the power to create success from the inside out. For us, our work is an adventure through which we enjoy supporting other people's journeys toward a deeper sense of self and the creative power that this releases.

At Dancehammer, our vision is to see individuals and organisations create a world to which people want to belong.

John Dickson and Joey Walters


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